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Greetings to all!

(George, this is what has been cooking up in my mind ;))

It is a summarization of some thoughts to this much-discussed theme. Much of it may have been expressed by one of you in a quite similar or different way. If so, I apologize for the redundancies. In particular I want to highlight two things:

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Hi F. and anyone else interested!

What you are asking me to do is no less than to write a book of quite some volume ;)
At least an article would be necessary and more appropriate to the subject, which cannot be discussed by the help of a few keywords or slogans.

I will nevertheless try to give a short description because I start liking Russia :))
But keep in mind, it is what comes to my mind spontaneously, it is not the result of long preparation and pre-structuring!

I have answered your thread in the first place because I recognized your principally similar understanding of the creation process, which is by the way also described in the Buddhist philosophy of the 5 skandhas, but much less differentiated than in the understanding of the zodiac according to Rhythmenlehre.

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Greetings to everyone !


A comparatively young human subspecies, showing the two sub-subspecies of the philosophical sceptic and the scientific sceptic, the sceptic is proud of questioning and challenging each and every phenomenon and much more so each and every view of the world that is attempting to explain anything outside statistically or experimentally proven material realities. (If he would study avant-garde of natural science, all seemingly fixed knowledge would tumble to pieces very quickly. That’s why he seldom goes that far. Of reasons to be established he cannot afford to do so.) Material reality is only a fourth part of the zodiac, which represents the world. The endeavour to try and explain the whole world from this fragment is obviously utterly stupid; still it is the thinking model of our times. As soon as someone will shout out: “See, the Emperor has no clothes on! “ – everyone will be able to see it.

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Hi to all!

Forgive me to mingle into this in English. I have (with the difficulty of sometimes absurd online-translations) followed your diverse threads on statistics – with funny ears and noodles and all you need ;-) – and on questions of organization. Now I feel I would like to share some of my thoughts regarding these questions.

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Was gewesen ist…

Oktober 2004
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Lebendig im Geist…

Nur das ist bildend, was dem Menschen zur Verwirklichung seines Wesens dient. Diese Kraft hat weder das bloße Lernen von außen her, noch die bloße Selbstbetrachtung von innen her, sondern nur der lebendige Akt, die schöpferische Antwort auf die Berührung mit dem Sein der Welt; denn erst in dieser Antwort findet der Mensch sich selbst zugleich mit dem Wesen des begegnenden Seins.

Walter F. Otto