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Greetings to all!

I have been asked to explain more in depth the notion of “Gestalt”. As I frequently used this notion in past postings it might be a good idea to do that here.

Maybe it will be helpful to first highlight the word’s origin.

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Greetings to all!

What I said in my last posting about guilt (GUILT PART 1) contains a few conclusions, which might be worth to be explicitly articulated.

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To clarify the question one must first define what guilt is. In my view there is only one kind of guilt, resulting from the only possible sin for a human being – the sin to exclude truth from life. Let me explain:

A human being encounters heavenly truth as it is brought to him by life (for „xxx“ [a forum alias]: Dzogchen, the pathless way, life as a guru). Absolute truth (the Godly Principle) takes on a certain gestalt, giving (the present) time its specific quality, a “dress of fate” which the individual then experiences as “life” – simply encountering the situations of his life. If he is open to the Godly Principle coming to him via his individual fate, he is a birth-helper to the ideas (gestalt-forms) emanated by God, the Absolute, manifesting in creation. If he however rejects that offer he represses Truth in his life. The result is a constantly growing “Pool of the Repressed”, gestalt that was meant to manifest in life, but was excluded from life, prevented from entering this world.

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Lebendig im Geist…

Nur das ist bildend, was dem Menschen zur Verwirklichung seines Wesens dient. Diese Kraft hat weder das bloße Lernen von außen her, noch die bloße Selbstbetrachtung von innen her, sondern nur der lebendige Akt, die schöpferische Antwort auf die Berührung mit dem Sein der Welt; denn erst in dieser Antwort findet der Mensch sich selbst zugleich mit dem Wesen des begegnenden Seins.

Walter F. Otto