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„Verax“ ist lateinisch und bedeutet „wahr redend, die Wahrheit sagend“. Dieses Pseudonym wählte Edward Snowden als Identität für seine elektronische Kommunikation via Internet.

Es ist zugleich die zentrale Aussage seines Horoskops, gekennzeichnet durch die Konstellation Mars-Neptun-Sonne und Merkur im zwölften Haus. Eine weitere treffende Beschreibung ist die eines „weltberühmt gewordenen im Transit Gefangenen“, gekennzeichnet durch die Konstellation Merkur-Uranus-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto.

Aber der Reihe nach, deuten wir am besten entlang den stets äußerst zutreffenden Struktur- und Dynamikbeschreibungen der Verbunddeutung.

(Wer es geschafft hat, an der Medienberichterstattung vorbei nicht zu wissen, wer Edward Snowden ist, noch was er getan hat, möchte sich an dieser Stelle vielleicht zuvor einen Überblick verschaffen, zum Beispiel hier.) Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »


…a choice of my postings from 2004 and 2005 to a Russian astrology forum. I put them here without any changes apart from abbreviating names. They originated from very personal communication and are spontanous expressions of thought, no artistically refined pieces of work. There may be things I would express differently today and of course my English has its flaws, and I have probably also made mistakes. I never went correcting any of it. Having said this… you are welcome!


…eine Auswahl älterer Postings von mir aus den Jahren 2004 und 2005 in einem russischen Astrologieforum. Ich habe sie eingestellt, ohne irgendetwas zu verändern, nur Namen abgekürzt. Sie sind in spontaner Kommunikation im persönlichen Umgang mit Menschen in diesem Forum entstanden und sind keine vorformulierten wohlgefeilten Texte. Vielleicht würde ich einiges mittlerweile anders ausdrücken, auch das Englisch wird seine Eigenheiten und/oder Fehler aufweisen. Ich habe es nicht nachkontrolliert. In diesem Sinne also… viel Freude!

Ich lade herzlich ein, meine eigentliche Seite zur Rhythmenlehre Archaeus – Von den Ursprüngen zu besuchen. Dort finden sich Deutungen und philosophische Betrachtungen von vergangenem und gegenwärtigem Zeitgeschehen und Personen im Sinne der Münchner Rhythmenlehre.

Your are invited to visit my current pages on rhythm theory Archaeus – Von den Ursprüngen (On Origin). This website is my place to publish philosophical-astrological insights on past and current events as well as on persons of interest along the lines of Munich Rhythm Theory.
The pages are mostly written in German. However, in the category Some older posts in English you will also find a number of contributions written in English .

Astrologie? Sicherlich, sie verwendet Tierkreis und Planeten in deren Eigenschaft als Große Uhr der Zeitqualität. Sie dienen ihr als Anzeige der stets einzigartigen Beschaffenheit der Gestalt der Zeit. Sie beobachtet sie als Repräsentanten von Prinzipen, Urqualitäten, aus denen die Welt gefügt ist und die sie unbestechlich anzeigen in ihrem Lauf durch Zeit und Raum. Neben dieser Grundlage hat die Rhythmenlehre allerdings wenig mit dem gemein, was unter Astrologie allgemein verstanden wird. Planeten und Tierkreis sind ihr sozusagen nur ein Spezialfall der Prinzipien, die dahinter stehen. Dieser Spezialfall erlaubt jedoch einen „Blick hinter die Kulissen“ der kontinuierlichen Weltschöpfung. Ein geniales Fenster für den, der zu deuten weiß.

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A lecture held in Moscow at the X. Astrological Congress „Uranus in Pisces“ containing some very basic information on the main technique of Munich Rhythm Theory as well as some of this technique’s historic context. It is demonstrated by thoroughly examinating the notorious fate of the famous Kennedy Clan.

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Greetings to all!

I have been asked to explain more in depth the notion of “Gestalt”. As I frequently used this notion in past postings it might be a good idea to do that here.

Maybe it will be helpful to first highlight the word’s origin.

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Greetings to all!

What I said in my last posting about guilt (GUILT PART 1) contains a few conclusions, which might be worth to be explicitly articulated.

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To clarify the question one must first define what guilt is. In my view there is only one kind of guilt, resulting from the only possible sin for a human being – the sin to exclude truth from life. Let me explain:

A human being encounters heavenly truth as it is brought to him by life (for „xxx“ [a forum alias]: Dzogchen, the pathless way, life as a guru). Absolute truth (the Godly Principle) takes on a certain gestalt, giving (the present) time its specific quality, a “dress of fate” which the individual then experiences as “life” – simply encountering the situations of his life. If he is open to the Godly Principle coming to him via his individual fate, he is a birth-helper to the ideas (gestalt-forms) emanated by God, the Absolute, manifesting in creation. If he however rejects that offer he represses Truth in his life. The result is a constantly growing “Pool of the Repressed”, gestalt that was meant to manifest in life, but was excluded from life, prevented from entering this world.

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Having been asked which houses refer to knowledge and truth…:

…In my understanding the 12th is the home of Pure Truth, Oneness, All-Potentiality, the Principle of the Gestalt of Time that will become life in the course of the emanation towards physical-material appearance (expressible also as phases of the zodiac). Only the Absolute is completely Pure. Human life is not, and is not meant to be ;)))

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Hello my friend!

As I know you find some interest in my view of aspect-themes I shall note a few traits of Saturn-Pluto :)

Saturn-Pluto is one of the most difficult and at the same time least understood constellations.
First of all it signifies that one is born into a situation where the repression of truth, gestalt, destiny is already dominating life. The child with Sa-Pl is denied any kind of own individual destiny according to its own nature and endowments from the beginning. Parents’ plans for you or other circumstances force you to do the wrong things in life before you get a chance to adjust life to your true nature. Nearly always the first profession is the wrong one. People with Sa-Pl do not have any rank in society. They bear the mark of mental minority on their forehead. Unconsciously everyone in any functioning repressive society knows they are not part and never will be. If they however stay in the condition of repression of their own destiny they might be good slaves and be tolerated as such. In such a position they may very well be successful in the eyes of the world. But even rich and successful slaves are still slaves! Saturn-Pluto is the aspect of slavery and imprisonment.

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Thank you for mentioning the very important difference between principle and dogma.

My heart stops beating for a moment whenever I hear the demand for dogmata or a dogmatic person.

Principles name by definition underlying fundamentals at the beginning of things. They are a kind of prima causa initiators. (In my representation of the zodiac they are therefore signified by the 12th/Neptune. But this is not important in this context.)

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Greetings to all!


The soul identity of an individual is found in the 4th house. It consists of an upheld connection to the soul’s origin in the 12th house from where its principle originated, and of the milieu it is born into. This milieu again shows two facets. One is the reality of landscape, climate, people and family, one is born into. The second source for this milieu of the 4th lies in the 8th house and prepares the individual on a level of emotion and feeling for this context of reality. The 8th house provides genetically the inherited images of experience, from the whole of evolution up to the images of experiences of the species of mankind, to the images of experiences of a people, and to the images of experiences of the personal ancestors, the clan and the individuals of this clan.

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Greetings to all followers and non-followers of ethics and morals!

It is generally agreed on that ethics are about human behaviour. This is probably the only statement finding unanimous assent.

There is one important distinction between ethics and morals.
Etymologically the distinction is not very clear, but the two words differ in the impression they give and in their context of use. And there is a notion, that ethics is more referring to the consciousness behind than to the actual behaviour itself. Accordingly I use the following distinction.

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The terrible earthquake with a magnitude of 8.9, worst in 40 years worldwide, took place offshore Sumatra with a death toll into the thousands. The exact data are:

26.12.2004, 00:58:50h GMT, centre of earthquake (offshore): 3.3 n, 95.78 e (careful: decimals) with an uncertainty of +/- 9.1km

I was interested to see if the terribly destructive gigantic tsunamis are visible in the chart. From the point of view of RL the chart turns out to be classical in its clarity.

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Greetings to all!

(George, this is what has been cooking up in my mind ;))

It is a summarization of some thoughts to this much-discussed theme. Much of it may have been expressed by one of you in a quite similar or different way. If so, I apologize for the redundancies. In particular I want to highlight two things:

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Hi F. and anyone else interested!

What you are asking me to do is no less than to write a book of quite some volume ;)
At least an article would be necessary and more appropriate to the subject, which cannot be discussed by the help of a few keywords or slogans.

I will nevertheless try to give a short description because I start liking Russia :))
But keep in mind, it is what comes to my mind spontaneously, it is not the result of long preparation and pre-structuring!

I have answered your thread in the first place because I recognized your principally similar understanding of the creation process, which is by the way also described in the Buddhist philosophy of the 5 skandhas, but much less differentiated than in the understanding of the zodiac according to Rhythmenlehre.

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Hi to all!

Forgive me to mingle into this in English. I have (with the difficulty of sometimes absurd online-translations) followed your diverse threads on statistics – with funny ears and noodles and all you need ;-) – and on questions of organization. Now I feel I would like to share some of my thoughts regarding these questions.

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